LA NACIENTE Anaerobic DQ – Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a regular producer of the finest coffees from Central America. Coffee was first grown in the Central Valley near San Jose. Factors such as volcanic soil, elevation, bright sun and rain stimulate the growth of coffee. Growers in this region enjoy about 80% of those factors, making it excellent for growing coffee. Costa Rican coffee is widely praised for its strength Characteristically light, high acidity, and playful fruit notes, they are very good at light roasting, medium roasting and dark roasting,


It is related to the Almighty Professor Ali Al-Diwani, which means Diwani Quality, and it is a special and distinctive method in coffee processors, which combines two types of processing (natural fermentation and drying), and as a result obtaining a coffee bean with a variety and rich in flavors that are sweeter and more fruity.


The main properties of coffee

Coffee Score: 89.00


VARIETY: Cattura-Castillo

PROCESS: Anaerobic

Testing Notes: Mango, Tropical fruits, Fruits, Grapes, caramel, Candy, Sugar cane



*Roasting level: Medium

*Roasting Path: Filter – Espresso



Use it after 10 days from roasting day.


Package Size:

250 / g.

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