TELLO Natural – Ethiopia

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Tello (Kaffa)

Ranked fifth among coffee-producing countries, Ethiopia has near-legendary status not only because it is the “birthplace” of Arabica coffee, but also because it is unlike anywhere else in the world of coffee. Unlike the vast majority of coffee-growing countries, growing, processing and drinking coffee is part of the daily way of life, and has been around for centuries, ever since trees were discovered growing wild in forests and eventually grown for home use and commercial sale..,

Ethiopian coffee or Oromian coffee The experience of the wonderful and authentic coffee taste will take you with Ben to convey the interesting experience through Ethiopian coffee, and you can select the method of preparation you prefer to make the specialty coffee that suits your taste and which you prefer.

Add to that the fact that the genetic diversity of coffee here is unparalleled in the world – there is 99% more genetic material in Ethiopia alone than in the rest of the world – and the result is a coffee lover’s dream: there is no coffee to be spoken of with respect or romance as it is. Ethiopian coffee..


The main properties of coffee

Coffee Score: 85.25


VARIETY: heirloom

PROCESS: Natural

Testing Notes: Brown sugar, Sweet, Fruit, Grape, Pear,

Green apple



*Roasting level: Medium

*Roasting Path: Espresso



Use it after 10 days from roasting day.


Package Size:

250 / g.

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