TRES MONTES Full Honey – Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is one of the most famous coffee producing countries in the world despite producing a relatively small amount compared to the coffee giants.

Tres Montes coffee is grown in the western valley regions of Costa Rica. They are high and require intense care because they are easily infected with diseases. Trees grow up to 15 feet tall and produce small quantities, so you need to harvest a larger amount to get the required amount of coffee beans.

Costa Rica is a regular producer of coffee, on the local industry and how the coffee is prepared. Costa Rica is a wonderful place with its diversity and nature. He noticed the accuracy and care that I witnessed in the farms from producers and farmers, as they follow the scientific orientation, by collecting data of all affecting factors, shades, sun, soil, and local climate..


The main properties of coffee

Coffee Score: 85.00



PROCESS: Full Honey

Testing Notes: Caramel, Sweet, Fruit, Berry, Blueberry, Strawberry



*Roasting level: Medium

*Roasting Path: Filter– Espresso



Use it after 10 days from roasting day.


Package Size:

250 / g.

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250 / جرام


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